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Hello English Learners of the World

Something about English is that it is so adaptive, versatile, and self-enabling.  English takes in, adopts so many words of other languages, which makes English a fountain of adaptive communication. English is not pure, but what is,  really? English goes into the remote corners of the Earth, and with a friendly gesture, announces its intent to make friends and take in new adherents. English is continue evolution, evolving in this incredible universe of advance technology achievements, with the words that dominate being the words found in technological English.  

Just my thoughts. 

Mar 15, 2012 10:06 PM
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Hello Kenneth Fach,

Thanks for sharing your views about English.

Actually, my way to learning this language proves your points. English is my longlife passion. I was born in the former USSR, worked as an engineer and had no opportunities to use English. Only recently managed I to improve my English good enough to communicate with people all over the world. I also enjoy reading original literature and even try to express myself by writing in English. I have no particular goals such as finding a job, I just have a great pleasure of using English in different ways, I enjoy it for its own sake. Even making mistakes, I no longer worry about that - I just take it as an evidence of progress. I think failure is feedback that shows you are doing something right, pushing yourself to your limit in order to improve. Perhaps I am not a typical learner. 



April 10, 2012
Kenneth Fach
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