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I added a New Arabic Learning Video to <a href="">iTalki's Knowledge Page</a>

Mar 20, 2012 6:57 AM
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Yeap, I like this way to learn Arabic language, learning by pictures or something else, it's more helpful than using translation as well know, we have been learn the standard Arabic like that before, and I think about the pronunciation (g) (Egyptian accent) (j) (standard accent), we should notice that to any learner, and another thing Jua, it's not a big problem to make (g) sound like (j) or not, but the most important is understood, as you know Arabic phonetic is very special and little complicate not all body can get the best pronunciation, I was learning Tajweed that's why I said that. So I think, understanding and memorizing is the first step then you can keep working soon as well  in the pronunciation. Continue, you're a good teacher! <img title="Wink" src="" alt="Wink" border="0" />

March 20, 2012

Nice Video,Keep up the good work.

But in Arabic there's no G sound as in "Good" it's always "J".

Many Egyptians mistake J for G.


It's a helpful video for Arabic learners.

March 20, 2012
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