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Hello everyone, I just keep working to learn japanese surieusely right now at university, I would like to find a partner in japanese who can help me in this language when we can be free. We can practice together Arabic or French languages, or English too, but actually I have more knowlege in French, and in my own language 'Arabic'. So nice to meet you all.

Mar 21, 2012 7:45 PM
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Yeap, with sure, I will be happy if I have a partner who can help me in Japanese, and I have more knowlege in French language, perhaps we can use it.

My skype is : soki.souka

xie xie wo de pengyou <img title="Cool" src="" alt="Cool" border="0" />

March 26, 2012

Hi there, I'm also a Japanese beginner. If you don't mind my poor Japanese at this stage, I'm very happy to be your learning partner~


March 26, 2012
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