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Tips for new language teachers note: i added this as a topic cos it was a long post and i struggled in vain to post them in small pieces. This is an answer to a very kind request from two friends Tej and Suzan that I am so glad to answer here. Other teachers might find this post useful or may send requests or recommendations and opinions here :)

There is more at stake when you think about being a teacher than just worrying about how you will teach your students how to read a passage or how to write a well-organised compostion. Being a teacher, you will also think about how to fit with the school staff, build good rapport with your students, and their parents, how to prepare for extracurricular activities like field trips, to manage your classroom, manage your time, discipline your students..

Don't worry! not only this takes just little time befire you can have your own strategy and philosophy of dealing with these and more but I will also recommend one of the best books i've read about that subject:The  Unauthorized  Teacher's  Survival Guide by Jack Warner and Clyde Bryan with Diane Warner. It is a must-have for every new teacher.

As a language teacher, you also need to be acquainted with the principles, techniques and methods of teaching that are in use now or that have been /were in use in the past. This will be very valuable in shaping your own vision and techniques for a successful teaching experience: I would recommend the following reference used by millions of teachers all over the world, constantly revised to reflect the new changes, if any, in the field of teaching: Techniques and Principles in Language Teaching by Diane Larsen-Freeman.

Next, I think it is important to add the following book to your list as it (kind-of) bridges the gap between theory (the previous book) and practice ( the actual task of teaching successfully): the book is by H. Douglas Brown and it is entilted : Strategies for success: A Practical Guide to Learning English. It is great for both teachers and learners.

Online resources are also available. My favourite is the online version of the English Teaching Forum (that you can buy from the nearsest US Embassy.   where you can check the topic / year section.  Another great site is . My best , however, is the one that my friend and colleague Mr. Ajmi Fekih, kindly recommended a few years ago:  with thousands of downloadable videos: My favourite section is Mr Bailey's visits to classrooms around the U.K. His suggestions/ advice is just what any aspiring-to-be a great teacher needs! Amazing!

This is it for now but i will provide also more references if needed when it comes how to teach reading, writing, etc.. for more cool tips you can always visit my weblog: where you can find interesting posts or just post a question there. It will be immediately and carefully answered!


Aug 17, 2008 11:26 PM
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you are helpful.thanks
October 10, 2008
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