Which celebrity according to you badly needs a makeover?

One celeb I can think of now is Lady Gaga..<img title="Laughing" src="" alt="Laughing" border="0" />

Mar 23, 2012 8:46 AM
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Craig does not like makeovers ralph:))))

March 24, 2012
Craig I think ralph has just turned you into a Celebrity, Ooohhh that's so cute of you ralph! I hope Craig doesn't mind the glory & fame that comes along with it...
March 23, 2012

Could I nominate Craig Mansfield for a make-over :)))))))))

March 23, 2012

Seems like the term 'makeover' did not go down well with you may be because you are from the United Kingdom-place where this language originates from.

This term is very commonly used in my country and people use it irrespective of the place where it originates from:)   I think we need to accept such words which are widely used all over the world just like we need to accept people for what they are, Craig :):)

As for these celebs, we are not sure as to how much working they need on their minds. Whatever little we know about them is because of the public appearances they make, the way they sing, the way they dance, the way they dress, etc...They are there to entertain us,Craig...

By the way,tell me honestly,do you like the way lady gaga dresses up and styles her hair??

March 23, 2012

Good.Go for a makeover if you think you need one.By the way, we are talking about celebrities in here:)

March 23, 2012
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