How was your upbringing during childhood?

this is part of mine.....

I was raised in  a family of five members. My mother my father two siblings a sister and a brother
I am the middle my sister is the elder and my brother is the father used to work as a security guard and my mother as tailor in a manufacturing company so during the day when we weren't in school my aunt used to  look after us but as my sister grew older she would take care of my brother and me.
During my childhood I was little shy and less adventurous.whereas, my brother was really playful and adventurous I remeber him climbing up to the top of the tree and me worrying about his safeness those were the times when we used to go to my late grandmother's house in the countryside.Every day after school we used to go to our neighbor's house which next to us we would play video games and really having a great time and sometime when Dad wasn't working he would take us out to play football.

Apr 20, 2012 11:43 PM
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