Lesson 8 - Family talk

Words and phrases associated with families.


 This will allow you to talk about your family, which is a popular topic of conversation in Russia. One of the important concepts that we introduce in this lesson is possessive pronoun. Possessive pronouns are words such as: my, your, his, her, our. Personal pronouns are normally used to indicate the ownership of an object.

Here are the words Russians commonly use to refer to members of their family:

Мать - mother

Отец - father

Мама - mum

Папа - dad

Сестра - sister

Брат - brother

Дочь - daughter

Сын - son

Бабушка - grandmother

Дедушка - grandfather

Жена - wife

Муж – husband


Just like English, in Russian there are two ways to refer to your mother and father. For example we use the words mom and dad. Most commonly Russians use the words Mama and Papa to refer to their parents.

Here are some other words that it is a talk about members of your family.


Тётя - aunt

Дядя - uncle

Родители - parents

Дети - children

Внучка - granddaughter

Внук - grandson

Семья – family

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