I need help. A question is about english synonyms.

I'm writing an essay on the subject of synonyms. I have a few words and I have to understand whether they are always synonyms or only in special phrases. I'd be very greatful if somebody helped me. And it would be very helpful if someone wrote a sentence with each of these words to show that they can or can't be in identical sentences or phrases. These are words:

desolation and sadness (Nouns)

drug and toil (Verbs)

crush and destroy (V)

attach and lash (V)

cover and coat (V)

cold and frozen and frozen-hearted and cool (Adjectives)

indomitable and unawed and defiant (Adj)

wail and cry (V)

expanse and space (N)

cluster and huddle (N)

speck and mote (N)

puny and small and weak (Adj)

vast and colossal and great (Adj)

pulseless and lifeless (Adj)

trace and harness (N)


An example:

If I'm right one can use vast, colossal and great as the synonyms in such situations:

a vast sum of money

a colossal sum of money

a great sum of money


a vast silence

a colossal silence

a great silence (I'm not sure about the colossal and great)


But one can't say a colossal king and a vast king as opposed to a great king.

May 11, 2012 7:44 PM
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Thanks a lot but I doubt that it can help... I've looked up lots of dictionaries but all of them give only a difinition, and I need to understand if these words could be used in the same phrases... They may seem similar to each other nevertheless it doesn't mean that they can be always in the identical sentence or phrase. So I think only native speaker can explain me it...)


May 11, 2012

Wow! You have accumulated a lot of questions.

The problem is that most of them require a lot of explanations and examples.

Why don't you use nice sites like these:



May 11, 2012
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