How to start learning Korean

Hi everyone. I wanna learn Korean but I dont know how to start. should I first start with it's structure,grammer and writing or its better to start with speaking and listening?

May 23, 2012 10:17 AM
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Thanks dear friends for your help :)
May 24, 2012
ㄱ[k/g] ㄲ[k*] ㄴ[n] ㄷ[t/d] ㄸ[t*] ㄹ[l/r] ㅁ[m] ㅂ[p/b] ㅃ[p*] ㅅ[s] ㅆ[s*] ㅇ[Ø/-ŋ] ㅈ[ʈʃ/ɖʒ] ㅉ[ʈʃ*] ㅊ[ʈʃʰ] ㅋ[kʰ] ㅌ[tʰ] ㅍ[pʰ] ㅎ[h] ㅏ[a] ㅐ[æ] ㅑ[ja] ㅒ[jæ] ㅓ[ʌ] ㅔ[e] ㅕ[jʌ] ㅖ[je] ㅗ[o] ㅘ[wa] ㅙ[wæ] ㅚ[we] ㅛ[jo] ㅜ[u] ㅝ[wʌ] ㅞ[we] ㅟ[wi] ㅠ[ju] ㅡ[ɨ] ㅢ[ɨj] ㅣ[i] This word is Korean 자음 모음 for example. ㄱ + ㅏ = 가 = ga ㄴ + ㅏ = 나 = na ㄷ + ㅏ = 다 = da ㄹ + ㅏ = 라 = ra or la Do you understand?? If you don't understand. question for me^^ I will help you ^^
May 24, 2012


It's better for you to learn first the Korean alphabets, which has 24, 10 vowels and 14 consonants,  2 less than English alphabet in number.
With 24 letters, you can make all kinds of sounds.
If you know the phonetic sound of each Korean alphabet and how to put them together to make sounds,  you can starting reading any Korean book, though you don't understand what the words mean.
Pronunciation is that easy, unlike English words,

The next step would be to learn the grammer basics,  parts of speech and the sentence order,  in order to train your brain to perceive Korean as, well, Korean.
If you can't tell the difference between adjective from noun, you you won't be able to get the meaning right. If you don't know where in the sense the verb is, you can't have no activity in going anywhere with Korean, which is so unlike those Europian languages.
So, do those basics first, and then go from there.





May 23, 2012

The way I started learning was simply buying a book for beginner's, I recommend Korean made easy by Seung-eun Lee. 

May 23, 2012

Dear Pretty Girl,


The best way to learn a language is " listening". You know, all of us have learned our mother tongue language by listening to our parents and people around for a year and a half. When a baby is one year and a half starts speaking and then after a few months he/she speaks a lot making parents surprised of all those words he/she uses correctly without knowing Grammar.


in short, Start as the follows:

1. Listening  2. Speaking  3. Reading  4. Writing.


Your online friend


May 23, 2012
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