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about POLITICALLY CORRECT We live the era of dictatorship forms; that which we call: Politically Correct ways, and that I see like a way to hide. A false way of try not to offend anyone. I think it's the worst kind fo hypocrisy and I don't think who has anything to do with diplomacy.   Politicians and mass media have found in the PC a perfect way of manipulation (because, for example, right now, we don't live an "economic crisis" time, it's just a "no-acceleration"...).
Well... I have a lot of dislike for everything that smell to Politically Correct. But I'd like to know your opinion.
21 août 2008 12:50
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The big mistake of the left-wing in al of this has been the vanity: They wanted to build an image of themself as wonderfully generous, kind, compasive and alternative to the conservatives than with a PCLanguage claim to exalt these virtues (so totally interested, because what they do really is exalted themselves). This gives conservatives an opportunity to draw progressives as idealistic and utopian, and themselves as pragmatist with their feet on the ground.   And all this at the end, instead to give any solution to things, the only thing that do is change the name.
23 août 2008
The truth is that almost all definitions of the Politically Correct Language sound to joke.

The Politically Correct Language said to be the progressive dialect but, in fact, with its concern for selecting euphemisms for social equality, instead worry about social equality itself, it's much more helpful to conservatives and the affairs of state. Besides finish acting as a form of censorship. 
23 août 2008
Yeah PC sucks. It was invented by left-wing politicians who wanted to deceive the general public when their policies failed to work. In the Netherlands we have many PC terms.

Immigrant kids who dropped out of school and become criminals = "kansenjongeren" (youth with chances)
Ghetto = "probleemwijk" (problem district)
society with many different cultures that in reality don't go together = "multiculturele samenleving" (multicultural society)
people with two passports who are in behaviour more related to the old country than the new one = "bicultureel" (bicultural)

And the list goes on.
21 août 2008
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