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the LAST SONG... A Few days ago, i traveled to Madrid (i live in a nearly city) and gave me pity to see how many record shops are disappearing. Right now, i don't know too many people who go to a record store to buy. I'm not saying who looks me badly the new way of music's distribution by internet. Thanks to this, independent labels are growing and small bands can be heard by more people anywhere, and that's great.   But makes me feel pity that the record shops end up closing, because i love to go into the old record shops when i go to any city. 

That is why i'd like daring to ask: When (and which) was the latest record that you bought at a record store? (if you remember it....)
Aug 21, 2008 1:27 PM
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Halo II OST, 239kr in a Swedish record store
November 5, 2008
Since too many years ago i travelled to Vitoria, and i remember there i bought an album of Buffalo Tom (many  times i remember the cities for the music stores or the records that there buy, :D )
I'm agree with you, the best way of listen a band is on the concerts, but there is sooo many concerts those i'd have to go...(Not counting that most of the groups that I hear are from the sixties ... and i hate the meetings of old glories)
The Azkena Rock Festival should be great!, i hope can go someyear... 
The last record that i bought i think were "Lullabies to ParaLyze" by The Queens of the Stone Age (i love this band). By the way, i don't think the records is so expensive, if you bear in mind that, ultimately, the music will be with you forever.
October 6, 2008
Yeah, I'm from Vitoria (Spain) you know, and here you can't find anything interesting so when I want a cd i have to buy it in the internet, and that's a pain in the ass. And I only know one cool shop I like to go there sometimes.

The last album I bought was in the Azkena Rock Festival, we met a swedish band The Royal Cream and they sold us their cd, they were so kind... And in a shop... Mmmmm... I think it was the new Hives album:"The black and white album" ufff I can't remember when I bought it, this year for sure!!!
What about you??

But my theory is that the best way of supporting bands is going to their concerts, awwwyeahh!
October 6, 2008
Last month when went to a consert and saw a Danish bluesband, "Thorbjörn Risager Blue7". And they where awsome!...And after the consert you could buy their records, so I bought all of them....Expensive!!!
August 21, 2008
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