Who is right?

Using for to mean because
Who is right

   1.   Interchange 3  Teacher's Edition 3  page  T.B 81 unit 12
            by Jack C. Richards (Author), Jonathan Hull (Author), Susan Proctor (Author)

1. For + noun or ( noun phrase)
   It`s famous for its music.
   MTV is well known for its music awards show. 

2. An A to Z of English grammar and usage   by Geoffrey Leech,  page 148
    You can use for instead of because only before a clause
     1. The village was full of crowds of people dressed in brightly-coloured shirts and summer dresses, for it was the middle of the tourist season < writting only>

 Can you help me Who is right  Richards  or Leech

Jun 1, 2012 5:56 PM
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