What does religion bring to your heart? What do you think religion brings to you?What if you do not have religion? I don't have religion yet,but I'm interested in this question.Much appreciate to your answer:)
Jun 7, 2012 9:32 AM
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I kow i will be perhaps a little bit chocking :-)

We are wright now in 2012 and nobody can explain us how God created human . Human is the result, studies show this , of long NATURAL , process. Religion allowed , in the past , to explain what is was unexplainable . But right now we have sciecen :-)


And don't forget , because of religion we had a lot war and a lot of death in the pas. Now religion kill again . Just have a look about VIH and the resposabilité of church .


We can live without religion . By saying that i kwow i will be less friends :-) Never mind nobody could be control me and avoid me to think !!!!! 


Have a good day

June 7, 2012

Religion is supposed to be the way to God but there's no distance between you and God. Find God in your heart and that will give the sense to you life.
It is only my opinion )

Thanks for good question.

June 7, 2012
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