Many want to be loved... Many want to be loved but only few want to love. Why ?
Jun 7, 2012 7:57 AM
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Energy is needed when you care or give attention to somebody. It is realy requiring a lot of your energy.

Whether it is love or just care, respect and politeness ?

When someone give care and respect to one's parents is it love or just tribute to the culture and to one's self-conception as a good child ?

June 9, 2012

maybe many enjoy the process of loved,beacause of that is sweetness or happiness.i think loving someone needs to pay your real heart and much energy.

so to be loved and love are two different feelings

June 9, 2012

<em>Don’t expect what you are not willing to give.  Start practicing the golden rule.  If you want love, give love.  If you want friends, be friendly.  If you want money, provide value.  It works.</em>

<em>PS </em>

<em>In my place when we make an avowal of sentiments we say: " I need you"</em>

June 9, 2012

I've heard people who speak other languages natively say that the word "love" in English doesn't mean a lot because it's used so much and in so many contexts.


It can mean a lot of things :) When there's confusion as to what the word is supposed to mean in a given context, we might say "I love him like a friend/I love him platonically" as opposed to romantic love. I am comfortable saying I love my parents, my boyfriend, and my best friends, but the love I feel for each of them is very different. I would say "I love you" to any of them and I think they'd know what I mean. Unless it was a male friend, in which case he could wonder if I meant I was <em>in love</em> with him but just not saying it explicitly.


P.S. Even with the word "like" in elementary school, if you say you like a boy/girl, your friend might ask "Do you <em>like</em> like him/her?" to ask if you have a crush on the person :)

June 7, 2012

When we say "table" we mean table. When we say "bread" we mean bread.

When we say "love" we mean everything  - love passion, care, lust etc.

When we talk about man-woman relationship and say "love" we mean lust, sex, friendship, care etc.

When we talk about parent-children telation and say "love"  we mean care and respect.

What is the point use word that only points to other words ?

May be we lost the meaning of this word ?

Can I love someone who isn't my relative or spouse ? When I care about someone and respect him/her does that means I love one ?


June 7, 2012
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