Can you tell me some good places to travel around? I have graduated.I want to travel to get myself relaxed.
Jun 13, 2012 6:17 PM
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I can't thank you enough!All of you are so cute!<img title="Laughing" src="" alt="Laughing" border="0" />

June 16, 2012

<em>Pittsburgh, PA: USA <img title="Cool" src="" alt="Cool" border="0" /></em>


June 14, 2012

The truth is u have to check something in prior u make a decision . for instance , ur purse , ur ability to get visa , ur time , getting some advices from parents perhaps or... but i recommend u visiting Paris!

June 14, 2012


June 14, 2012

Come to Mauritius! :)
It is known for it's tropical weather , beaches and famous touristic places ... :D
I can see that you are from China , then you will feel like home cause there's even a China Town in Mauritius and there's descent amount of Chinese people living out there

June 14, 2012
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