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The Sufi Way of Life: Italki's Sufism Discussion Corner (Get The Answers Here)

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<em>                            So much to teach in short time. </em>


<em>It's asked you stay open-minded & respectful for this discussion. </em>

<em>                                        </em><em>Thank You.  </em>


<em>Let's Begin. </em><em>Have you ever considered the teachings of Sufism? </em>


1) Firstly, Sufism describes the necessity of ending religious pride, differences, and prejudice:


" Religions are the cause of murder, wars, evil, differences, and discrimination. If only man would reflect and say that religion is common to all. All four religions are from the same tree and all that is wanted is the taste of the fruit. It does not matter what name we call it. If man can realize this, there will be no war and no bitterness. My brother, this is the biggest problem that faces the world today. How many murders, how many wars, how many lives are lost in vain in battles of racial and religious differences? " -M.R. Bawa Muhaiyaddeen (Ral)



(Ral= radiyallahu' anhn --or--'anha; Meaning 'May Allah(God/other name for the One) be pleased with him or her' )

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All the countries with faith in God must unite! Those who have conscience, those who have justice & wisdom & compassion in their hearts must unite to carry out the laws of justice & bring peace & equality to the people of the world. WE MUST search out hardship wherever it exists & attempt to alleviate the suffering that accompanies it. We must discover the areas which have been infiltrated by those agents without faith in God, agents who many countries are now willing to follow. If the leading figures in the United Nations & the governments of all the larger nations will join together to seek out the places where this poison has penetrated, WE CAN remove the needle through which it was injected & show the countries of the world a path whereby they can find some peace & live in unity. Then these poisonous germs will lose their ability to infect new areas & their power to destroy what is good. Peace will then flourish & justice will prevail, as it did before. Honesty & integrity will rise again & the people of the world will live in a state of lasting peace.. World peace, unity, compassion, & goodness are in danger of being lost. If we look at what has happened in Jerusalem, we will realize how urgent & necessary it is to take action. [Excerpt from Bawa Muhaiyaddeen]

Jun 15, 2012 10:39 PM
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Hello Eagohr--I apologize for the delay--Thank you for your comments! :) 

Sufism answers a variety of life's questions & needs--Sufism provides an answer to all questions. How? Because Sufism shines all light & energy on the path to God/Allah... 

<em>What is life really about? What is art and what is exaggeration? True health & healing? How may one seek God in the human heart? What is true harmony?</em> --Sufism provides answers to these questions and all the others.

Everyone has a need to be closer to God--that is how people found Sufism.  




August 30, 2012

>> .....

>>My question is about needs which leads on the sufi way

My question is about needs which leads you on the sufi way

June 16, 2012

It is obviously that you like what sufism is saying :)

What particulary sufism gives to your soul (heart) ?

I mean I like some teachings because they give me something what I really need.

And exactly these needs lead me to the meeting with the people who gives teaching and make me readed  books that set forth the teaching.

My question is about needs which leads on the sufi way

June 16, 2012

The Sufi Movement is preparation for a world service, chiefly in three ways. one way is the philosophical understanding of life; another is bringing about brotherhood among races, nations, & creeds; & the third way is meeting of the worlds greatest need which is the 'religion' of the day. Its work is to bring to the world that natural 'religion' which has always been the religion of humanity: to respect one another's belief, scripture, & teacher. The Sufi Message is the echo of the same divine message which has always come & will always come to enlighten humanity.

June 15, 2012

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<em>The purpose of the Sufi Movement is to work towards unity. I</em><em>t's main objective is to bring humanity, divided as it is into so many sections, closer together in the deeper understanding of life. </em>

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June 15, 2012
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