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The course <em>Deutsch warum nicht?</em>:

- is for beginners and advanced learners

- is free

- is divided into four parts, each of them contains 26 lessons (in pdf) with dialogues, exercises (with answers) and audios to download.

- was produced by Deutsche Welle (DW, the German international public broadcaster) and the Goethe Institute.


Lessons in 30 languages:


Albanian <em>Shqip</em> - <a href=",,3670,00.html" target="_blank">Lessons in the DW site
</a>Amharic <em>አማርኛ</em> - <a href=",,2776,00.html" target="_blank">Lessons</a>

Arabic <em>العربية</em> - <a href=",,8613,00.html" target="_blank">Lessons</a>

Bengali <em>বাংলা</em> - <a href=",,11014,00.html" target="_blank">Lessons</a>

Bosnian <em>B/H/S</em> - <a href=",,2640,00.html" target="_blank">Lessons</a>

Bulgarian <em>Български</em> - <a href=",,2653,00.html" target="_blank">Lessons</a>

Chinese <em>中文</em> - <a href=",,2584,00.html" target="_blank">Lessons</a>

Croatian <em>Hrvatski</em> - <a href=",,3814,00.html" target="_blank">Lessons</a>

Dari<em> درى</em> - <a href=",,11360,00.html" target="_blank">Lessons</a> (only in German)

English <em>English</em> - <a href=",,2548,00.html" target="_blank">Lessons</a> 

French <em>Français</em> - <a href=",,2618,00.html" target="_blank">Lessons</a> 

German <em>Deutsch</em> - <a href=",,2163,00.html" target="_blank">Lessons</a> 

Greek <em>Ελληνικά</em> - <a href=",,2726,00.html" target="_blank">Lessons</a>

Hausa <em>Hausa</em> - <a href=",,3845,00.html" target="_blank">Lessons</a>

Hindi<em> हिन्दी</em> - <a href=",,11085,00.html" target="_blank">Lessons</a>

Indonesian <em>Bahasa Indonesia</em> - <a href=",,2717,00.html" target="_blank">Lessons</a> 

Kiswahili <em>Kiswahili</em> - <a href=",,2683,00.html" target="_blank">Lessons</a> 

Macedonian <em>Македонски</em> - <a href=",,10224,00.html" target="_blank">Lessons</a>

Pashto <em>پښتو</em> - <a href=",,10874,00.html" target="_blank">Lessons</a> 

Persian<em> فارسی</em> - <a href=",,2770,00.html" target="_blank">Lessons</a>

Polish <em>Polski</em> - <a href=",,2740,00.html" target="_blank">Lessons</a> 

Portuguese <em>Português</em> - <a href=",,2595,00.html" target="_blank">Lessons</a> 

Romanian <em>Română</em> - <a href=",,2703,00.html" target="_blank">Lessons</a> 

Russian <em>на русском</em> - <a href=",,2561,00.html" target="_blank">Lessons</a> 

Serbian <em>Српски/Srpski</em> - <a href=",,3787,00.html">Lessons</a>

Spanish <em>Español</em> - <a href=",,4642,00.html">Lessons</a> 

Turkish <em>Türkçe</em> - <a href=",,2609,00.html" target="_blank">Lessons</a> 

Ukrainian <em>Українська</em> - <a href=",,9958,00.html" target="_blank">Lessons</a> 

Urdu <em>اردو</em> - <a href=",,10928,00.html" target="_blank">Lessons</a> 

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