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Story Telling Game

Different word games are verypopular here in Italki, Lets play a unique game today <em>The Story Telling Game. </em>The game has Simple Rules:-

1. The Cemmentor must read the previous comments or Story and write what comes to his mind that must relate and satisfy the sense of the previous lines. 

2. A commentor can comment any number of times but must have at least one comment from different commentor in between his comments.

3. A commentor can write maximum of 1000 Charectors. 


now see what this game results in..... Enjoy

Jul 10, 2012 7:37 AM
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My name is Rosario and this is my story. I was born from love, love that came of two unlikely places. One of those places was from the heart of an adventuress…my mother. She was tough and fearless; she didn't allow anything to get in her way and always believed her way was the best way. The other unlikely place was my father. The son of the 'queen of evil' and born half-evil himself, he was mischievous and often very mean. After becoming a vampire and being immortal for a while, he met my mother. My birth and they're get together was a story I'll never forget no matter what. Thanks to a bet, made by the queen of evil, my mother almost lost her life at the hands of dragons and it cost my father his immortality… but that's another story. This is my story… and just because it's based on them, it doesn't make it any less mine. This is the story of how far I went for revenge.

July 10, 2012