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Beijing Olympics - 北京奥运会 Today the Beijing Olympics ended. I just want to say to everyone from China that the Olympics was amazing. You hosted it absolutely perfectly. The opening and closing ceremonies were great, you performed excellently in the events and you have shown yourselves to the world. I think thats what you wanted to do. To show the world your friendliness and you succeeded thoroughly and completely. Thanks.

今天北京奥运会结束了。我想对中国朋友表达这次奥运会过得特别特别顺利, 非常的灿烂。你们真的主持得非常完美。开幕和闭幕典礼都很好,你们的运动员也很努力地完成比赛。你们本来想对世界表示你们的友谊和给世界看中国多好,我觉得你们肯定成功了!!谢谢。
Aug 24, 2008 1:43 PM
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September 4, 2008

Bejing Olympics did was perfect  from start to end.
I think this grand banquet will makes more foreign people like china, more foreign people would like to know china and visit it. 2008 Olympics surprised whole world, i believe it's will change foreign people's notions:china is a friendly, beautiful country, it's contain various culture,customs.
 though 2012 Olympics can't hold as 2008, it's will have more characteristic, i think. 2012 England Olympics is worth all world to looking forward. 
bless you, your country.
we will insist one faith: one world one dream!!!

September 4, 2008
thank you and wish you good luck in 2012, your athletes are also great.
August 27, 2008
there is one thing i hav to say. hav u guys noticed the cost? was the budget authorised by the congress through legal procedures?
i don't think london will do such a thing. its government and mayor know that it is the taxpayers who pay for the cost of the Games

August 27, 2008

Beijing Olympics----wonderful

August 26, 2008
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