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What Job-Seeking tools or Recruiting Websites or Tools do you use?

Dear All,


I am a recruiter in a IT company now and sometimes we are in urgent need of foreign-language speaking candidates.


In China, there are some several job-seeking or recruiting websites, like 51Job, ChinaHR, Lietou.Com, Zhilian.Com etc. People who are thinking of a move will upload their resumes to these websites. On the other hand, HR will search candidates and download the CVs from these websites.


But I am concerned that most foreign people don't know these local recruiting websites. So I want to know that, if you want to seek for a new job, what do you usually do? Will you upload your resume to some websites and what are their names?



2012年8月1日 17:42
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Hi everyone, 


in Europe the use of websites to find  a new job diverges in every country. 

For instance, in the northern Europe and in the UK is it common to use them and linkedin. But in Italy, my country, people and employers don't trust and prefer to act through work agencies or by word of mouth.


Yeah. LinkedIn is good and has a level of professionalism about it. But I think most people would use websites and communities specific to their craft, that aren't local. 

For example, I would use places like and cgsociety, etc. to upload and talk about my work.

That's my take on it.


i think the biggest one is called linkdin?

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