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Professional Teachers vs. Community Tutors

I was browisng through the Professional Teachers listing and I came to the conclusion that italki did a very good job in picking out top of the line teachers for their students. The problem is, is it too much of a good job? When I was growing up in America, my parents always spoke to me in Chinese. What they thought was casual and informal Chinese made me quite the laughingstock when I met other Chinese nationals my age in college, earining me nicknames like "The Professor" and "Political Commisar". The point I'm trying to make is that the English the youths speak today is the formal business ettiqutte of tomorrow. My literature professor in college (who was quite the senior citizen) insulted and berated my love for Tolstoy calling his works "pop culture" and "hooligan's spawn" whereas my freshly graduated English teacher in high school shared my passion for works such as "What is to be Done?". Can foreigners armed with the English of yesterday really rival natives well-versed in the English of today in the professional world? That's just my two cents. Feel free to slander, belittle or scold my opinion in any way you wish.


Yes I know Tolstoy is Russian, doesn't change the fact that his philosiphical viewpoints cannot be enjoyed by other worldly citizens.

Aug 2, 2012 4:20 AM
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Whoops, *browsing. Here I am ranting about having faith in community tutors and then making 1st grade spelling mistakes. I apologize sincerely.


August 2, 2012
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