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Suggestions for Learning Japanese

Sorry for those who have seen this post. I have reposted it in multiple groups hoping to find more answers :D

I am getting ready to start learning Japanese. I know enough that I know I need to learn Hiragana/Katakana first. But in any case I am thinking after that. What are helpful websites that helped you? I also wanted textbook suggestions. I know of Genki but I also found this book:

Some say it is better than Genki and I wanted to know opinions from people if they had tried both or one of these textbooks and if they liked it?

I was also curious about this book:

Have you used it and was it helpful to you? Have you heard nightmares about it, etc.

Also helpful books for learning the Kana? I know of these two and wanted to know your opinoins:

I know the first one is for Hiragana but they have a Katakana one as well. I also realize there are plenty of websites to help. I'm easily distracted with the computer though which is why I am resulting to books more so than computer methods.

Other things I would like to know is definitely what websites you used? Did you use social sites such as italki, livemocha, edufire, lang-8, etc? If so which were best?

Are there any blogs you suggest following? I know of Tofugu. I have done quite a bit of research on this. I just want to know personal opinions from those who have learned Japanese.

I also wanted to know how you learned Kanji. Was it flashcards or are there books you suggest there to?

Thank you all who answer. And hopefully I get some helpful and detailed answers :D Appreciate it!

Aug 2, 2012 4:51 PM
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