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Survival Japanese [4] Koukyou no Yado and Youth Hostel (Accommodation Part 2) Beginner's level

There are also 公共の宿 (こうきょう やど: Kouyou no yado) which are owned by local or national governments or organizations. The prices vary. ユース ホステル(Youth Hostels) are included in this category. They typically offer affordable prices unless you do not mind sharing the room with others. There are also private rooms available in some hostels.

This is the link. You can choose your language on the top of the page.

[ユース ホステル link] Japan Youth Hostels Inc.

Because many Japanese people may not have the idea of staying at hostels, you may find youth hostels may be more international environemt. Rescently, the Japanese hostels divide the rooms or buildings into two for the gender so that they are becoming more popular among Japanese youth than before. Many motorcycle travelers or surfers in Japan traditionally prefer to staying hostels so these are used to be located along the highways or by the sea. Now the locations are spreading to different areas because of the populality. Some youth Hostels provide 送迎, too. So ask them if it is available.


Today's Words

1. ビジネス ホテル

2. 旅館

3. 民宿

4. 公共の宿

5. ユース ホステル

6. 送迎


Review quiz

Match the definition or explanation for the today's word above. (choose the number)

A. a traditional Japanese style accomodation owned by a family or relatives.

B. a tradditional Japanese style inn

C. an accomodation in a convenient location for business

D. shattle services

E. an accomodation owned by governments or organizations.

F. an accomodation that travelers generally share the rooms or/and amenities with other visitors.


The answer will be submitted in this weekend. Please feel free to leave your guess in the commnet area.

Comments? Questions? Requests? Suggestions? Corrections?

Thank you.




Aug 2, 2012 7:11 PM
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Review Question answer

1. ビジネス ホテル [C]

2. 旅館 [B]

3. 民宿 [A]

4. 公共の宿[E]

5. ユース ホステル[F]

6. 送迎 [D]

Were your answers all correct?

August 6, 2012
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