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Are you visual, auditory or kinesthetic?

I saw this week on a TV show a teacher talking about the way we use our senses to perceive the information from around us, which sense we use mainly to do so and how the knowledge of that information could help us to get the most learning new vocabulary of a foreign language.


The three ways had a main point in common: never learn isolated words, try always to connect those new words to other known words.


This is something already known, the way we connect those words is where our senses and this matter takes place.


He was talking about three ways to learn depending on the main sense used:

Visual: Use images or schemas. Place the new word in the centre surrounded by other words connected with it with similar meanings or related to them in someway, use a photo of a place where the new word is represented.

Auditory: Place the word in the context of a text easy to remember. Sayings and idioms could be a good way, but also any message as long as you can remember.

Kinesthetic: This people need to perceive the information by touching it or by means of feelings. You must put yourself in real or virtual situations where you can deal with this word (ie. you can imaging that you're playing a football match, you're about to hit the ball when the referee signs you're offside).


I personally think that there isn't a so clear classification, so maybe you can use two of the three ways. In fact, I think I'd be a kinesthetic person but the use of the two other ways can help me too.


And you, What kind of person are you?

Aug 3, 2012 8:13 AM
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