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Names (Kaiyumian)

Want a list of Kaiyumian names in English, here are the basic and common ones. If you have a request, comment the name you want and I will give you the name.


Kaiyumian name (Old writing/Kanji)=English equivalent (Kaiyumian name meaning) Gender (m=male, f=female, n=neutral.)


Aang (暗具)=Aaron. (lit. "Dark Tool") m (Also see "Kuragu")

Abura (脂)= none (lit. "Sleep in one's eyes") n

Ai (愛)=Amy (lit. "Love") f

Aryak (気悪)=Eric (lit. "Evil Mind") m

Azuçi/Azudoyo (安土)=Anne (lit. "Feminine Soil/Mothering Soil") f

Ci (時)= none (lit. "Hour) n

Ciciku (字軸)=Anna (lit. "Writing Pose") f

Cin (人)=Mike (lit. "Person") m

Citsu (日)=Erica (lit. "Crown") f

Çi (地)=Bryan (m)/Prim (f) (lit. "Earth"/"Hill") n

Çiçi (父)=none (lit. "Child" [as in "newborn"]) f

Çiga (違)=none (lit. "Difference) n

Çikara (力)=Ryan (lit. "Power"/"Strength") m

Dan (大)=Dan/Daniel (lit. "Wolf"/"Dog"/"Ravage") m (see also "Inu)

Dabacin (大男)=Daniel (lit. "Wolfman") m (see also "Inucin")

Dasuke (気)=Dark(lit. "Shadow Thief") m (Very powerful name. Inherited by father if father is named Dasuke (気), never given and never named as Dasuke the senior/junior/the third/fourth, ect.)

Ema (会先)=Emma (lit. "Apprentice") f

Eka/Ke (気)=Chris (lit. "Dark")

Inucin (大男)=Derek (lit. "Werewolf"/"Lycan") m (inherited by father)

Kuragu (暗具)=none (lit. "Dark Tool"/"Tool of the Demons/Devils") m

Marik (曲当力)=Mark (lit. "Thundering Power") m (Very common and powerful.)


These are very common names you will find. Comment for more.

Aug 3, 2012 3:56 PM
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Oh, two super common female names are these:


Eikou (栄光)=Gloria (lit. "Glory") f


Mıkenna (蝶)=Makenna (lit. "Butterfly") f (Yes, this is the name of the girl I once loved.)


August 3, 2012
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