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Survival Japanese [6] Onsen, Roten buro, Sentou (Types of Public Bath- Part 2) Beginner's level

銭湯(せんとう:sentou)is a public bath typically used by the people who did not have bath tubs in their apartiment units or houses. In Tokyo, a few apartments yet have no bathroom or a shared bathroom. These apartments are available at low rent. Because renting a room is very expensive in Tokyo area, some students and the people who have low income are living in these types of housing. However, nowadays, the 銭湯 is generally used for relaxation or entertainment in Japan. Modern 銭湯 or sometimes called スパー銭湯 provides amenities and services such as a massage, a restaurant or cafe, arcade games and vending matchines. Therefore, the traditional styled 銭湯 is now disappearing.


More about 銭湯




If you save your budget more, コインシャワー (こいんしゃわー: koinshawah)or a coin shower service may be the last choice.This is like a car wash self-service but it is neither for dogs or cars. Some Japanese people use it. I have used it several times but I think this is really a last resort. Five minutes (200 yen) was too short so I spent money more and more. The room was very small (about 1mx1mx2m) and unconfortable. Some seems not to have a changing room. So if you use it in humid Japanese summer, you may not feel after bathing.

Here is what コインシャワー looks like.


But if it is the inside of ネットカフェ (ねっとかふぇ:net cafe)or cyber cafes, this may become a different story. Some cafes provide additional services such as towels, shampoo, soap, and so on. Most ネットカフェ offer refill free drink. But you first need to pay for the private booth to use the internet, TV or computers.

Here is the information with Google translation.

Net Cafe Tokyo


Survival Vocabulary Part 1 and 2










Review quiz

What type of the public bathes in Japan do you want to try or do not want ot try? Why? Why not? Think about new Japanese vocabulary you learned.


Please feel free to answer the question in this comment area. I'll make correction if you wish. (You can use roma-ji, hiragana, kanji, katakana, and even with English. I also try to translate your English into Japanese.)


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