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Survival Japanese [8] Useful Phrases (Greeting part 2) at home, office, Ryokan Beginner's Level

We learned some greeting phrases when we meet people in general. In this lesson, we learn the phrase when we are at home, office or 旅館(りょかん: Ryokan, Japanese style inn). At home, we have NEVER greeted with "こんにちは” (konnichiwa) and "こんばんは” (konbanwa) among family members. (I think it is the same as in English, right?) In office, we use most of these. "おはよう (ございます)”(Ohayou (gozai masu)) and ”こんにちは” (konnichiwa) in the phrases which you learned will be used in offices.


Now, here are the new phrases that we use in daily life.


When family members or co-workers leave from the house or office and we expect the persons are coming back.

A. 行ってきます。(いってきます。itte ki masu) The meaning: I'm leaving.

B. 行ってらっしゃい。(いってらっしゃい。itte rasshai)The response of A.


When they come back.

A. ただ今。(ただいま。tadaima) I'm back.

B. お帰り(なさい)。(おかえり(なさい)。okaeri(nasai))The response of A. The meaning: "Welcome back."


You may notice there is "なさい" in a bracket after お帰り/ おかえり. The difference is the politeness.  「お帰りなさい。」 is more polite than 「お帰り。」 When you respond to the person in a higher position or older than you, you may use polite expression in order to show your respect.


In 旅館(Ryokan), you will notice they greet you in the way of "B" before you say someting. In addition, people may put "...ませ。...mase." after these phrases. This is an expression showing the highest respect to their customers.


Ryokan's manager: いってらっしゃいませ。(itte rasshai mase

You: いってきます。(itte kimasu)


Ryokan's manager: おかえりなさいませ (okaeri nasai mase

You: ただいま。 (tadaima)


Did you get it? So now review time.


行ってきます。(いってきます。itte ki masu.)

行ってらっしゃい。(いってらっしゃい。itte rasshai)


お帰りなさい。(おかえりなさい。 okaeri nasai)

Let's learn with sounds.

[learning link 1] Qz flashcards Greeting, etiquette in Japanese

[learning link 2] goaisatu no uta

Were you able to recognize these phrases that you learned today in this song?

Review quiz (Matching)

Choose response of the group A from the group B below. One of these in group B is not used.

Group A:

1. Ohayou. (おはよう。)

2. Itte ki masu. (いってきます。)

3.Tadaima. (ただいま。)

4.Oyasumi. (おやすみ。)

Group B:

a. Oyasumi nasai. (おやすみ なさい。)

b. Okaeri. (おかえり。)

c. Ohayou. (おはよう。)

d. Konnichiwa. (こんにちは。)

e. Itte rasshai. (いってらっしゃい。)


The Answers will be posted this Wednesday. Please feel free to guess the answer of the quiz and post yours in this comment area.

Happy study!


Comments? Questions? Requests? Corrections? Typos? (I am a great "typ-oh-ist"!)

Aug 6, 2012 8:54 PM
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Review quiz (Matching) Answer

Choose response of the group A from the group B below. One of these in group B is not used.

Group A: >> Group B:

1. Ohayou. (おはよう。)>> c. Ohayou. (おはよう。)

2. Itte ki masu. (いってきます。)>> e. Itte rasshai. (いってらっしゃい。)

3.Tadaima. (ただいま。)>> b. Okaeri. (おかえり。)

4.Oyasumi. (おやすみ。)>> a. Oyasumi nasai. (おやすみ なさい。)

unused item in Group B:

d. Konnichiwa. (こんにちは。)



Comments? Requests? Questions?


August 9, 2012
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