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Do you always argue with your parents?

What topics cause the most conflict? How can you express yourself without turning normal conversation into open warfare?



For me, listening is one way not to turn a normal conversation into open warfare. A proverb says: "You will say the wrong things if you talk too much." Smile

Aug 8, 2012 12:28 AM
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my parents are old school, i always consider there advice but its up to me to decide...

i dont argue because i usually just go along but STRONGLY make my point but no yelling ... my mom its the one I truly go for anything and the one who can really tell me the truth... its really hard when you have an open mind for different

September 5, 2012

We rarely even talk :D



September 5, 2012
August 24, 2012

sometimes :D

August 15, 2012

i always arguing many things with my parents all the time, they listen to me and i listen to them, but sometimes not. sometimes they want to keep their conservative opinion in the way, and sometimes i feel i act too liberal. 

August 15, 2012
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