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Liu Xiang Is the Pride Of Chinese
Again ,liu xiang retired the game due to his injury .There are many people criticizing him for they think that liu xiang should act more brave ,and try to get a medal in 11o-meter hurdles.I think it is really unfair to liu xiang ,because he has done his best in this year . . There was no doubt that he ranked first in 2004 Athens Olympics ,making the world believe that we chinese could get gold medal in track and field .He was the idols of we chinese when he won the game ,but when he failed the game ,the situation was just the opposite .Why cannot we give some applauses to liu xiang even when he faild the game ?No one can win all the time ,we are destined to lose at some time though we all don't want to see it .Life is journey in which we have ups and downs ,so don't criticize other's failures . We chinese always pay more attention to the results but ignore the processes ,and we do need to improve our values . 
Lastly ,i sincerely hope liu xiang can regain confidence ,you are still our idols in spite of your retirement ,cheer up ,you are the winner in our eyes !

Aug 8, 2012 6:19 AM
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haha ,thanks ,i also agree with you

August 16, 2012

LiuXiang is a great athlete,

We 're pround of him

but maybe he is also a pawn of the country

this is the country

this is the life

sometimes life is out of control,whatever who u are!

god bless him.

god bless everyone

August 16, 2012

wow .haha .thanks

August 11, 2012

In our hearts. Smile

August 10, 2012

haha ,where am i ?haha ,in whose heart?

August 10, 2012
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