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Bygone Dreams

This one, dredged out from my dusty book, is for my friends from the Middle East.  This is especially for Arwa, Seda (yes, the two of you) , kalam_magnolia, Mido, Maysaa, Hiva & Shaimaa.  The piece of music that inspired this poem is called The Eyes of Allah composed by Scott Fritzgerald. The following is the album's link and you can play snippets of the song.


Bygone Dreams


The heavy hand of Allah,

Shifting the burning sands of the Sahara.

Where now is the great Temple of Ishtar?

A thousand years of glory –

Just a twinkle of the eternal stars!

Mighty forests once lushed with life in green

Spreading afar…

Are now but underground tar!



Aug 9, 2012 5:23 AM
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Sorry that I forgot you are from Iran. Yes Farsi is written in the Arabic script. My fault, I apologize.

August 10, 2012

Of course in the Bible they have to turn such words for conversions.  The God of the Old Testament is not a kind God but a very warm figure. It is an unforgiving stern father if the children did wrong. I can quote passages from it. However, this will be deviating from the discussion.  Yes, "heavy" sounds cruel but it is.  Allah is another name for Yahweh, the same God of Abraham etc.

August 10, 2012

But Jeff I tried to translate it to Farsi not Arabic. Any way Thank you Jeff. I have learned during your corrections and encouragements. You always were a big help for me here on italki.

August 10, 2012

1. 大能的手 had not been Chinese phrase before the Bible was translated into Chinese. But now, it is part of Chinese.


Translators and interpreters should be familiar with some common cross-cultural phrases and translations. So most must read the Bible. Whenever we see 大能的手, we should translate it as convertion into heavy hand, and vice versa. We should also translate Confucius into 孔子 instead of 一塌糊涂, 孔子 into Confucius instead of Kong Zi, Mencius into 孟子 intead of 孟休斯, Chiang Kai-shek into 蒋介石 instead of 常凯申, 孙中山 into Dr. Sun Yat-sen etc. I'm afraid the one translating heavy hand into 重手 has not ...


2. 重手 does make sense, but it does not make your intended sense, as I have noted.


3. You may translate heavy hand into 沉稳的手, 健美的手, 巨手 and so on. These are not conventional translations but they work. However, 重手 does not.

August 10, 2012

Still need more years of "training" before any more attempts!


阿啦重手嚴 The heavy stern hand of Allah

移動漠火砂 Moving the desert’s fiery sands

崇氣女神宮 Reverential aura of the Goddess’ shrine

淒淒現何在 Bleakness everywhere but where art thou? 

千年榮華豪 A thousand years of glory

星光一閃間 In the starlight of a twinkle

叢林眾生滿 Forests teeming with life

已成陰瞑炭 Is now Hade’s coal.

August 10, 2012
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