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Uxman Ghani
Some line about my Friends

I have too much friends, in which 2 friends are very special for me , They are like God gift, There names are Zeeshan and Ali, 

Some days before we have celebrate zeeshan's Birthday, We enjoyed a lot, that day shani(Zeeshan) awarded us some lines, I think these lines are very precious gift for both us , These lines were

Usman and Ali i have a lot friends and I have three brothers, I love my family very much , I can't live without my family , whenever i was with my friends I miss my brothers and their funny things, But when I am with both of you friends , I just forget my bro's for some time, then i realize that, you are special, You are not like other friends, Because you both are the only persons who can replace my brother's place in my heart .

Aug 9, 2012 5:30 PM
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Uxman Ghani
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