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Young Chul Choi
Does anybody love watching korean dramas?

As i am a korean, of course i like korean dramas. But i am not quite sure which kinds of korean drama are famous among foreign people. SO, could anybody share me what dramas you've really enjoyed to watch? 

Aug 10, 2012 7:11 PM
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Hi everyone!) Never really had an opportunity to discuss my favourite kdramas with anyone, so I desided to take part here) I'm from Ukraine, if it matters)

I've watched a lot of kdramas and liked a lot of them, but my favourite one is White Chrismas. It is rather short, and that is what makes it so good - there is no unnesessary detail) Also I liked The Future's Choise, The Ghost, Bad Guys, Healer, IRIS, Athena the Goddes of War, 49 Days, You're All Surrounded, Modern Farmer. These are different genres, but very interesting plots, as for me
September 3, 2016

oh am happy i found a discussion about kdrama *__* i love kdrama really , from my favorites are :

rooftop prince

love rain- watchin now :D -


to the beautiful you

coffee prince


they are all so great and cute really and i have serious question since you are korean xD are koreans in real life that cute or jus in kdrama :D ?!

am from Egypt btw , kdrama has a fandom here too xD 

September 3, 2016

Here are the drama/movies I watched:


I loved:

- 운명처럼 널 사랑해 (Unmyeongcheoreom Neol Saranghae) - Fated to Love You (MBC) - 2014
I liked a lot: 

- 미스코리아 (Miseukoria) - Miss Korea - 2013

- 마이걸 (Mai Geol) - My Girl - 2005 (...even if it was a little too dramatic sometimes...)

- 순정만화 (Sunjeong Manhwa) - Hello, Schoolgirl - 2008

- 오직 그대만 (ojik geudaeman) - Always (Only You) - 2011
I liked: 

- 어린 신부 (Eorin sinbu) - My Little Bride - 2004

- 반창꼬 (Banchangkko) - Love 911 (Band-Aid) - 2012

I didn't like:
엽기적인 그녀 (Yeopgijeogin geunyeo) - My Sassy Girl  

너는 펫 (Neoneun Pet) - You're My Pet - 2011

the ones that I want to watch next:

가시 (Gasi) - Innocent Thing (Thorn) - 2014
아가씨를 부탁해 (Agassireul Pputakae) - My Fair Lady (Take Care of the Young Lady) - 2009
커피프린스 (Keopi Hauseu) - Coffee House (Coffee Prince) - 2010

시크릿 가든 (Sikeurit Gadeun) - Secret Garden - 2010

신부수업 (Sinbu sueop) - Love, So Divine - 2004
연애소설 (Yeonae Soseol) - Lovers' Concerto - 2002
In Between Days (no Korean tittle?)

October 15, 2014

The only one I've watched is Boys over Flowers because my students were *obsessed* with it a few years back and convinced me to watch it. I enjoyed it, but since I'm learning Thai and not Korean, I'm watching Thai dramas for now.


What's funny is that in the middle of one Thai drama, the comic-relief character came to the rescue and started singing "Almost Paradise" as he rescued the heroine. In another one, a young boy reenacted scenes from Boys over Flowers to try and get a girl to be his girlfriend (again, for comic relief). I wonder how many references to Korean dramas I'm missing by not watching them -- they seem to have a lot of influence (or at least Boys over Flowers does!).

January 5, 2014

안녕하세요. 서로 언어교환하고 좋은 친구들을 사귀고 싶습니다 .I like to make diffident friends . I hope we can make good friends and help each other.

October 1, 2013
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