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I suggest to discuss about "reported speech". Any suggestion can be helpful. Thanks.

Aug 26, 2008 7:05 PM
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September 8, 2008
so, it's OK 
August 30, 2008

Verbs used in the original speech generally become more ‘past’ (i.e. they often go back a tense) but some of them stay the same:

present simple > past simple
present progressive > past progressive
past simple > past perfect (or remains as past simple)
present perfect > past perfect
past progressive > past perfect progressive (or remains as past progressive)
past perfect remains as past perfect
can/may/shall/will > could/might/should/would
would, could, should, ought to and might remain the same
must > had to (or remains as must)

August 30, 2008
Mary: "I won't buy a new car."
Jill: "Mary said (that) she wouldn't by a new car."

Mary: "I have to do my laundry."
Jill: "Mary said (that) she had  to do her laundry."

(See if it's OK, I am not sure)

August 28, 2008

Mary: "I will eat steak for dinner."
Jill: "Mary said (that) she …………… eat steak for dinner."

Mary: "I'm going to go to Long Beach."
Jill: "Mary said (that) she ……………. going to go to Long Beach.

August 27, 2008
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