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Michael 마이클
Whatever happened to Groupe Oyiwan

Does anyone know if Groupe Oyiwan produced any other music than Assode ?

And what language are the group singing in ?

14 авг. 2012 г., 2:18
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I'm adding to my own question.


The language of Groupe Oyiwan is one of the Berber languages, probably Tuareg.

The song was part of the soundtrack from the French film 'Imuhar'.

And the group is from Niger, formed in 1987.


The Berbers appear to be a very interesting group of people, they have had a written language and alphabet for around 3000 years.


Tuareg music is quite good.


But I still don;t know what became of Groupe Oyiwan.



15 августа 2012 г.
Michael 마이클
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