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I am back [ an article in Moroccan accent] + with the meaning+ the phonetic

السلام عليكم


منينتا ما كتبت في هاذ الجروب، المهم كيف عاملين؟ لباس عليكم؟


كيفما تاتعرفو غذا ليلة القدر، إوا عنداك تنساها، راه حد الجوع الشبعة، وعندااك تغرك الايام وتقول وايوا حتال رمضان اللي جاي، راه اليوما تعشى متخم، وغذا تصبح كتخمم. هاذي حكمة قالوها ناسنا القدام. إوا شرب كلامي بالنضيغ باش ذوق بنتو. يالله، السلام عليكم


salamu 3alakum


mninta maa ktaabt f haad lgroup. lmuhim keef 3almeen? labaas 3likum? keefmma tat3arfu ghadda lilt qadr. iwa 3andaak tansaha. raah 7ad juu3 a-shab3a, wa3andaak tgharrak layyaam watghuul iwaa 7taal ramadan lee jaay. raah lyuma t3ashaa mta5am, waghadda tsbaa7 kat5ammam. hadi hakama galuha nasnaa lqdaam. iwa shraab klamee bindeegh bash duuq banttu. yallah, salamu 3alamkum.

Hello everyone [peace with you all]

That was a long time I didn’t write in this groupe. Well, how are you doing all ? are you OK all ?

As you know tomorow it is laylatu alqad, so be attention to don’t forget it. The hunger is limited atfer being replete. And be attention don’t be happy for the long of the days and say so I can do it in the next Ramadan that It will be. [remember] Today you get a good dinner, and tomorow you become thinking about how you’ll get another one. This is a wisdom saying from our last people. So drink my words with chewing to taste its delightful. Yallah [i am going], good bye.


if you have a question about something, just feel free to ask. 

Aug 15, 2012 12:25 AM
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