Naked Marriage (裸婚)


裸婚(naked marriagen.

What is naked? It means “uncover”. “naked marriage”, a new phrase from the internet since 2008 in China, means to get a marriage certificate without buying house  car  holding a wedding and even buy rings.

This may be a quite normal phenomenon in the west, but in China, people normally agree with that a marriage is containing a loved couple  house  wedding   rings(either use their own money or lend from parents or friends), of course some Chinese married couple live with their parents, most of time live with bridegroom’s parents).

Why those couples want to have naked marriage? The reason is not hard to find that they mostly have not enough economic power to buy those things and they don’t want to rely on their parents.

My opinion to those types of marriage is that the beautiful love couples have is soooo sweet but they may need a lot of bravery to face the never – ended problems. May not everyone can carry it, so if you want to or be going to have naked marriage, just think carefully and seriously before you do so.

About how to use this word: naked marriage is a noun, you can use it after a verb or at the beginning of a sentence (the latter one usually you want to explain the noun).

For example: I will have naked marriage with Bob.

           我将要和Bob 裸婚。

           Naked marriage, a new phrase from the internet since 2008.


Thanks for reading, you may leave comments about “naked marriage” or point out the improper points and thanks for that ahead! :)


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