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Roko Karan
The very basics of Kirghiz language

Hello,my dear group members and those who will be it.As promised,I will write down some useful phrases of Kirghiz language.I will write it in Roman alphabet as my computer does not support other alphabets.If you want to say Hello! in Kirghiz,you say Salamatsyzby!.If you want to say Yes or No,you say Ooba for yes and jok for no.If you greet someone during the morning,you say= Kutmanduu tangyngyz menen! or Good morning! in English.Good evening! would be Kutmanduu kechingiz menen!.Whats up in Kirghiz would be- Emne jangylyk or literally how are you doing.You can also say this as:Emne boldu.It literally means like what happened,like as in what became,what have or are you experiencing.Finally you say How are you as Kandaysiz.A word thanks in Kirghiz is Rahmat.Like if you would like to express a huge thanks to somebody,you say Chong rahmat or thanks a lot.And finally goodbye is Kosh kalyng and see you later is: Korushkoncho.In next chapter,I will introduce you to more useful phrases and will begin with grammar and cultural background of the language itself a bit.I hope this helps some,my fellow group members.

Aug 18, 2012 7:51 AM
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Thank you for the advices.I speak like intermediate level of Kirghiz and also self study Kazakh so I do know of their resemblance in some things.Lets share knowledge together as my written Kirghiz aint that good.Sorry.

October 15, 2012

You need to install cyrilic onto your computer as transliterations aren't great.

I will write something about vowel harmoney and grammar soon, if you can't get your hands on any Kyrgyz textbooks Kazak has incredibly similar grammar system and will help you greatly.
Саламатсызбы (salamatsizbi) - Formal Hello / Goodday
Салам (salam) - Informal equates with hi

Кандайсың? (Kandaisin) - How are you? (to one person formal)

Кандайсыз? (Kandaisiz) - How are you? (to more than one person, formal)
Кандай? (Kandaj) - How are you? (informal)

Жок (Zhok) - No
Ооба (Ooba)  Yes

Рахмат (Rachmat)  - Thanks (The ch in Kyrgyz is much more throaty, think of a Scottish person saying "loch")
Чоң рахмат (Chon rachmat) - Thank you very much (Ч is a ch like in English)


Көрушкөнчө (Koryshkoncho) - See you
Кош болуңуз (Kosh bolinoz) - Goodbye

October 15, 2012
Roko Karan
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