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Why so Jelous??????? HI... I am Wendy From Venezuela.. and I fell in love with a turkish man... but i wanna ask why turkish man are very very very very jelous???? because it's really curious and i think that the most turkish person are jelous.. if there are somebody that can answer to me.. pleaseeeeeee help me.. coz i don't know what to do...
Thank u very much...
Kisses from Venezuela
Aug 27, 2008 2:18 AM
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i think i should translate this into english to be understood well....

this is called, not jealousy but defence. should he only smile when he's bf of the girl, and if the girl sends kisses to other boys (except those who are close friends of her and when even so, if she does it extremely) ???
Such a girl needs fucked off instead of being protected
November 6, 2008
Yeah, thanks! I think you're right!  and I appreciate your help.. YOU HAVE TIME FOR COMMENT AND IN ENGLISH!!,, jajaja!.. and thanks for traslate what Türk Alp wrote!... See ya
November 6, 2008
ahahah =)))
November 5, 2008
Well, dear, I am trying to teach you.  Truk Alp's response to you is somthing that you need to be very careful about.  When you reveal your need to someone who is like this, you give them an opportunity to manipulate you.
Only reveal your needs to your family or very close friends.  Not all people will try to manipulate you through your needs, not everyone is like this.  But the people who are get such negative power from it that it is very hard for them to stop, even if they are humiliating themselves.

Sorry to be the one to write this, Wen, you seem like such a sweet person. 

November 5, 2008
yup ur right.... but i have to go now... i hope a friend frm here can help u :S
November 2, 2008
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