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I think that some people get to offend at some italki answers and questions, what do you think?   
2008年8月27日 02:55
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I agree. Some subjects are going to ruffle feathers, that can't be helped. I think that sometimes people hit below the belt in a heated debate online because they're not looking at the person, and I think it's good to realize when we're tempted to do that.
Bound to happen when religious/political questions are allowed on a site that connects multiple cultures with eachother. You can either live with this kind of stuff or take measures which restrict freedom of expression. Banning religion and politics from the Answers section would be a start. And then there's still a fair share of groups on italki that cross the line, some even in disguise.
I think some people are more easily offended, yes.
I also think we all need to remember that those are actual, feeling human beings we're talking to online, and the somewhat false sense of anonymity provided by the internet is no reason to be more rude and offensive that you would be if you were face-to-face.
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