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What is the Wisdom of the Animals 'creation ?


Aug 19, 2012 6:16 PM
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but the lion does kill the deer promptly. do we give sheeps we sacrifice as oblition to God a quick death or we let the whole blood gush out of their vein while they kick the bucket. you are absolutely right that survival has got nothing to do with religion. nevertheless we can not say calously that they are here for us

August 22, 2012

the wisdom of the animals creation 

hopes in creation of allaah and the ability to create benefit from human milk ,including meat sinks and transportation sush as camel was called an old ship of the desert when the arars to carry heat scorching desert very


                           this is my opinion 

August 21, 2012

We need to look at things from a wide prospect, the fact that most animals are not autotrophs, and need another organism for their food has nothing to do with religions! lol!!!
I mean a lion who eats a dear in the jungle doesn't do that cuz he reads a holy scripture telling him that he is higher than the dear! he simply needs that dear as a source of food, his body is designed to eat ruminants, and he gets his nutrients from them, same as herbivores  who depend on phototrophic organisms (plants) to get ther nutrients essential for their growth, that doesn't mean they are higher than plants.
people who elude themselves by empty slogans of saving lives of animals and stop eating them don't notice that this  is a natural system!! and that when shifting to plants to replace animals in their diet they are also eating lives.  

August 20, 2012

yea acording to other oponion animal are useful as a food and many invetion of humen were because of animal people watch animal and wanted to create some thing like that

but there is an imprortant things that we must consider it

that all of us always do not pay attantion to them

the animal are victim of human tii human have a good life  but what about us 

and we can ask to ourself what is the wisdom of people  or why God creat us?


August 20, 2012

why are we human so oblivious to the world around us. i cant swallow such a callous perception that  we humans are way above other species. i do not want to objergate others for seeing the animals as ever-lasting sources of food,means and etc given that majority of us have always been under the sway of erroneous religious beliefs. the fact that we are just a bit smarter that other beings does not mean that we have the right to take them as slave or masscare them for food, invading their habitats or calling them dirty as in our own country. to summerize i think that their existance and the wisdom lying behind it is as complicated as our existance.

i am no egaletrian or sth i'm just realistic.

August 20, 2012
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