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Javaid Azim
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Aug 19, 2012 8:02 PM
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Indipendece day in Bulgaria is march 3th . On this day Bulgaria won his indipendence from Otoman impire , with big help from Russia , of course :) Bulgaria love Russia ! 

@Ali , Libiya its been coquered from Italy , not from France ;)

September 2, 2012

In Romania we don't have an independence day. There are a few national hollidays, but none of them is officially considered independence day.

Maybe the best of them is May 10th 1877 when Romania proclaimed it's independence from the Ottoman Empire. But for us,romanians, it doesn't have a big importance, because we were already de facto independent. That day Romania declared de jure independent,and it was confirmed by the Berlin treaty in 1878

August 21, 2012

WE HAVE !! ! ! ! !! :D


1945 . 8.15


August 21, 2012
I should add ,Independence day is meant for countries that they has been dependent to one colonist power or other local power once and independence day would mean for this sort of countries.such as:United states and India from Great Britain;Libia from France or South Africa from Holland.Some countries have not any independence day at all for example:UK,France,Spain,Japan and my country Iran.
August 19, 2012
Can I ask you when Russia have been dependent to another country that has a day for independence of it?!
August 19, 2012
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