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I'm Indonesian,,i want to learn turkish language



I really want to learn turkish language, because i want to further my master there.


teşekkür ederim

Aug 20, 2012 2:43 AM
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I would like to thank my friend .. thanks for learn somethings from me :) I glad

August 22, 2012

hmm...ok thank you,, i'll try to learn about words first :)

tesekkur ederim, terima kasih

August 21, 2012

look these are very important *


if end of the Turkish words's  have these character (p,ç,t,k) :


you wil change ..:

p ------------> b ---- to book ---> kitap-a ---> kitaba

ç ------------> c ---- to tree ----> ağaç-a ---> ağaca

t ------------> d ---- going --------> gitiyor--------> gidiyorum

k ------------> ğ ---- to glass -----> bardakı -------> bardağı


look hear me .. before learn words because if you learn you can easy understand these :) this lesson is really hard for you for now 


August 21, 2012

-ing = -iyor, -ıyor

go = gitmek "we will delete (-mek) when we are add (-ing) on -go- 


going = git-iyor ----------------gidiyor

you going = git-iyor-sun -------gidiyorum

I going = git-iyor-um ----------gidiyorsun 

"but when we are add some character end of the "git" we changing this character (t) and we are doing "gid" and then we continue add -iyor and -um (gidiyorum)



August 21, 2012

i little confused with (yim),(sin),(m),(n),(si),...or in the words gidiyorum, gidiyorsun, gidiyor...wht is the different?what is it mean and when should we use it?

August 21, 2012
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