A few questions about american culture ))

I have a few questions about life in the U.S.)

1. Has you complain about their problems to friends and acquaintances? Or would you prefer to use the services of professional psychologists?
2. Has to go to the party? Or have more developed individualism. I heard that
3. Often do in raising children are babysitting services?
4. Do you have any maternity leave, leave to care for a child? How do you get out of the situation if not?
Is there any social benefits - benefits for child care for example.
5. Has to ensure children enter university, wedding, for example?
6. What is the relationship with your parents? I've heard that it is accepted as soon as possible to start living separately and communication with parents is extremely rare in adults. Is this true?
7. Is there any special treatment to pregnant?
8. As is customary to make suggestions? The film shows a beautiful proposal in a romantic setting in a restaurant with a ring. Is this true?
9. What is the best age to have children? Is there a particular (possibly negative) attitude to give birth after 35-40?
10. True doctors are not taking steps to continue the pregnancy, if the early stages (1 term) is a risk of miscarriage?
11. How many children in the family usually?
12. What is considered a high salary, and what good?
13. how to relate to Russia? What people say about our country on TV? how much do they say?
14. Can we say that the Americans are sincere in showing their feelings, or rather encouraged restraint in expression of feelings and polite smile?
15. Is it true that in a restaurant on a date a couple pays equally, skipping ahead a woman can be charged with discrimination? )
16. as taken care of the girl?
17. What methods are used in the education of children, heard that the kids can run around and make noise in the restaurant, for example, and the parents do not make his comments. Is this true?
18. I heard in the U.S. family on a prime location, is this true?
19. Has the families to cook yourself or most prefer to eat in the restaurant or order food at home?
20. How is pregnant in the U.S.? Whether there is one doctor who vedeb birth to themselves or is it every time a different doctor?
21. Has to get out themselves or use the services of housekeepers?
Sorry so many questions). Perhaps the question is a bit naive. They arose because of the stereotypes and movies, so do not judge strictly. I'm not in any way want to accidentally hurt someone's feelings.

Aug 20, 2012 8:14 PM
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Sorry, here is my answer to number 19:

19. I think a lot of people eat out. Fast food restaurants are very popular. My family cooks most of our own meals at home, though.


September 2, 2012

20. You usually have just one doctor though the pregnancy.

21. I do not think housekeepers are very common, but I might be wrong! Where I live, most people do not have a housekeeper. We clean our houses and take care of our yards/gardens ourselves. However, people who have the money may hire housekeepers.


Hope I helped! :)


September 2, 2012

16. Sorry, but I do not understand this question!

17. It depends on the parents. Some parents are not strict with their children and allow them to do whatever they want, but others are strict and will be more controlling.

18. Do you mean, is family important to US families?


September 2, 2012
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