how we can help each other to learn a new language ?

one of the way we select to improve our new language is take a partner and chat but i think some time our talking is Stereotyped or repetitive and we use simple word if we want to talk more than simple greeting and maybe after simple greeting you do not have any subject or since your new language is weak u could not talk more.

and my qustion is how we can help each other to learn more than ago with talking 

Aug 21, 2012 7:51 PM
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suffering from same problem

May 22, 2013

you can either start talking to them only in english or try to use some words in english while talking in persian ! you also need to learn the alphabet ! :D i already know 2 languages ( ENG-PERSIAN) and for learning my third language i started talking to myslf in korean and watching korean movies ! 

March 12, 2013

First of all, I think it's advisable that both parties are on an intemediate level and up in their target languages to keep having a conversation.


Maybe you could communicate your expectations and needs with your partner in order to make the partnership more beneficial??


Let me share the following article on language exchange I tumbled upon.

"How language exchange is like a tug of war." by Josef Wigren





August 23, 2012
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