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Teacher Emi
What would you put on your bucket list?

Life is short, but we don’t always act like it is. Sometimes we put off doing things that we really want to do because we’re too afraid, or we think we’ll always have time to do them later. But for those things you feel like you just have to do at some point in your life, there’s your bucket list.

The expression bucket list comes from another expression, kick the bucket. Saying someone kicked the bucket is a funny, informal way of saying they died. It makes death seem a little less scary, and a little more humorous. Your bucket list is a list of things you really want to do before you die.

Some people have daring or adventurous things on their bucket list, like climbing a mountain or jumping out of an airplane. Other people might want to visit a special place before they die, or accomplish an important goal. Some might have more emotional things on their bucket list, like finding true love or changing another person’s life in a positive way.

22 août 2012 05:38
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Bucket list reminds me of a korean drama, Scent of A Woman ^^


A bucket list.. I were to make one it would be a long one. 

Some things I want to do before I die..

- Visit and have a tour to the whole Korea

- Learn another language besides from English

- Meet my special someone

- Meet real friends and have great experiences with them

- Discover something or invent something that would be remembered forever

- Build, design and plan my own house

- To plant at least a hundred of trees and have them produce fruits

.. I think writing everything here would be hard for I have a very long list in mind.. 

so, for now, this will be all ^^

22 août 2012

Something that takes so much time and money to do, you'd never think about trying if you knew that you still had 35-40 years left.

22 août 2012
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