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日本人です。皆さんに日本観光について質問です。 (Hi I'm Japanese. I have Qs about Japanese sightseeing.)

以下の質問に答えてもらえたらうれしいです。(It would be grateful if you could answer the following questions.)


1. 日本を訪れたことはありますか?(Have you visited Japan?)


2. 日本のどこへ行ってみたいですか?それはなぜですか?(Where in Japan would you like to go? and why?)


3. 日本ではどんな旅をしたいですか?(What kind of travel would you like to do in Japan?)


4. 日本のどんなところが一番興味がありますか?(What part of Japan are you most interested in?)


コメントをお待ちしています!I look forward to your comments!


Aug 23, 2012 9:09 AM
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Kyoto does have a special charm. Smile


Hadashi no Gen is certainly popular here in India atleast. ^^


Yes, I read about Nakazawa-san's sad demise. May his soul rest in peace.

I'm glad I could grab a copy of Hadashi no Gen while I was in Hiroshima. It is one of my most favourite work regarding the Atomic bombing.

December 27, 2012

Thank you Nillu for answering my questions. Laughing 

Kyoto seems to be one of the most popular tourist destination. 


By the way, I didn't know Hadashi No Gen was known among non-Japanese anime fans. (The creator of the manga passed away a couple of day ago, at the age of 73.) 

December 27, 2012

はじめまして。 ^^

1. Yes, i have visited Japan.


2. Before leaving for Japan I really wanted to Visit Hiroshima and Kyoto.

   HIROSHIMA because I'm really interested in history, also I'm a big anime freak so the movie "Hadashi no Gen" really left a huge mark in my mind.

KYOTO because I had read a lot about it being the prefect mix between the ancient and modern Japan.
(I ended up visiting a lot of places in Japan in the end!)


3. I'm a culture freak so I think a trip integrating culture is something I would like.
(Like the tea ceremony in Kyoto, Onsen experience in Fukui...things like that)


4. It has to be the Kansai Region for me! ^^

I hope I could be of some help! 

December 26, 2012
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