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Romantic love---what do you think?

What is "romantic love"? What do you think about it?

What part of it is beneficial and what part of it is not? Do you think romantic love will last forever? 

Any thoughts on any other types of love?

Aug 25, 2012 3:59 AM
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Romantic love? hmmm... its like a fairy tales. Better to get real and give committment to love relationship and last till end.

October 3, 2012

I do agree it does lead to sex sometimes, if not most of the time, but it definately does not only lead to that.You don't loose your dignity by loving someone romantically. If that were true then no one on this earth will have dignity, I assure you. A person looses their dignity by the choices they make. If they make bad decisions while in a relationship it's their fault,  it's not  the fault of the romantic love. 

September 27, 2012

Bajwa, thank you for the compliment but if I may be so bold to say you are wrong. Of course I don't know what type of "romantic love" you've had or you've seen but I can say with certainty that romantic love does not lead only to sex and illegal relations. Maybe in your country that might be illegal, I really have no clue, but for me it's not. Romance is not sex, sex is lust. Romance is care and mushiness. Romance is getting butterflies and smiling when you see that certain someone you adore. Romance is not getting aroused by seeing the person you're with although that happens of course because when you're attracted to a person it's natural for it to occur.

September 27, 2012

So, would you mean it was not about a "possessive" love for them? They did not try to ask for anything in return. It was not a "give and take" relationship? Is that what you mean?



Also, am I right to assume that you think their relationship is also a "romantice love"?


You wrote:

"I would like to live a romantic love like between Leila and Mejnun."







August 28, 2012

Actually it is difficult to explain The love of Laila and Mejnun for me. This is a fairy tales in eastern culture. It is belived They had lived. Maybe you can find in the internet about a wider explanation. But I can say this: Laila and Mejnun love eachother without waiting any counterweight. They reach divine love in the end in their fall in love.

August 27, 2012
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