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Words to describe how I'm feeling

Words describing your reaction to the things around you are often neglected when learning a language, and yet they are the words which help to build relationships and connections with the people around you.  


Below are a list of "feelings" words for you to experiment with.  Your challenge is to choose 5 words which are unfamiliar to you and to put them into a sentence.  I have given some examples below:


Feelings Words: 

happy, sad, excited, elated, demoralised, despondent, nervous, proud, downhearted, embarrased, confused, empowered, cheerful, delighted, enchanted, content, jubilant, joyful, hurt, miserable, discontent, uncomfortable, annoyed, angry, troubled, tearful.



1.  He was elated to discover he had been selected for promotion.

2.  They felt empowered by their new skills and were sure they would now succeed.  

3.  It was a very uncomfortable situation - no one knew what to say to improve the atmosphere of mistrust.  

4.  He was jubilant at winning his race in the competition; it was time to celebrate.  

5.  She was enchanted by the paintings which seemed to express such hope and wonder.  


Aug 25, 2012 8:13 AM
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1. I didn't understand what she said, I'm really confused!


2. He was demorlised after his successive failures.


3. She is very content with her life.


4. She is very proud of her family.


5. They were very delighted by the jackpot !



August 25, 2012
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