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Turkish Famous People You Know heyy there!! we can talk bout famous Turkishes..It can be anything..from conquerer to singers..
Aug 27, 2008 6:51 PM
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Selam millet ben geldim ! Yaklaşık bir iki aydır yoktum.... bilgisayar çöktü ve bir süreliğine dokunmadım sonrasında sitenin adını unuttuğumdan giremedim... neyse şimdi anımsadım girdim ve burdayım.... eğer unutmadıysanız ben de ünlüyüm =)))

Hey guys im back! I wasnt here for about 1-2 months...the pc had been broken and we didnt get it repaired and later, when it was done, i forgot the name of the website and i couldnt log in...whateva i've just remembered, logged in and im here! if you havent forgotten yet, im also a famous person of Turkey.. ahahah ;)
December 23, 2008
Just try to listen of his music.
The most beatiful music pieces only belong to him.
And TARKAN may be the second one.
December 20, 2008
hmm my some friends know TARKAN's songs
October 25, 2008
Then Abdulhamit came , he was a disaster, he was called the red Sultan.Fortunately a man stopped him, He was Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. one of the best generals in history.
I also know Emver Pasha, an other historic person, Halide Edimp, the feminist, Orhan Pamuk the nobelist author, Ferzan Ozpetek, the film harem, Guluoglu,baklava, hacibekir lukums.
And all my friends 
September 20, 2008
Lets start with Osman Gazi, the father of the Ottoman empire and the house of Osmanli. Fatih of course, then lets go to the most famus woman in the Ottoman empire, Sultana Hurem, Kiosem, Naskendil. 
Then we move to 1800 Sultan Mahmud 2d, he made many reforms, he abolished the yeniceries in 1826, and reformed the army. He made a lot of social reforms, about cothing and the most importand, modern schools instead of mendresses. Also univesitys. His sons Abdulmezit and Abdulaziz, were very well educated, and they believed in good education. Abdulaziz 32 Sultan was a good music composer, clasic and ottoman music, painter and he established a strong navy, third in the world. Unfortunately he spend a lot of money and the Ottoman bank was colapsed, i think in 1875.
September 20, 2008
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