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What is happiness ....


Happiness is what ...


I can't answer , who can tell me...


I only feels happy when i dances belly dance ..


Besides that , my life is terrible  ...



2012년 8월 31일 오전 2:48
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happiness is having family, where anybody is beloved

2012년 10월 24일

stand a different perspective.Do not always complain should learn how to get rid of it.share something with your frends and family.they always behind you.they are also the root of happiness.

2012년 10월 24일

2012년 10월 24일


It therefore follows that the greatest happiness of which we can think is to be with God or in Him. In other words, eternal life in heaven is the total fulfillment of the greatest happiness which we can conceive. There cannot, even in principle, be either a greater happiness than this nor a greater sorrow than to lose this eternal life. If atheism is true, then we are already in Hell, because there cannot, even in principle, be a greater sadness and sorrow than to lose or fail to obtain eternal life with God. That is to say, whatever other goods we may obtain—wealth, power, virtue, pleasure, health, even friendship—is incomparably inferior to the one good which we could not obtain, because if atheism is true, then the greatest good of which we can think is non-existent.




2012년 10월 24일

What is happiness? Well, it is the possession, realization, or attainment of the good, and the fulfillment of our ends. However, there are multiple "goods." Therefore, happiness is in proportion to how good the "good" in question is, and also to how much we possess or realize that good.

We can therefore say that the greater, higher, more perfect, or more complete the good—and the more fully we posses, attain, or otherwise realize that good—the greater, higher, more perfect, and more complete will be our happiness in realizing that good. Conversely, the greater and more complete will be our sorrow at losing that good, or at failing to realize or attain it at all.

2012년 10월 24일
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